Revelstoke To Santa Barbara – Day 3

START:     Astoria, Oregon

MILEAGE:      5976 kms
DEPART:     08:20 am
ROUTE:       Highway US 101
FUEL STOPS:      Tillamook Or., Fred Meyers, 3.32 gallons
Dune Or., Shell, 2.47 gallons
Gold Beach Ca., Gulf Oil, 2.789 gallons
Eureka Ca., Union 76, 3.023 gallons

I slept well again that night. I enjoyed a complimentary breakfast at the Hotel, the usual coffee, orange juice, toast, sausages and scrambled eggs. There was a mist hanging over the town as I started off, not raining but so wet was the fog or mis tthat it actually accumulated on my bikes windshield and ran off like rain. It was a cool morning on the bike. I remember my legs feeling quite cold when I pulled into the Fred Meyers gas station in Tillamook, my knees were stiff and didn’t want to cooperate with me to hold my bike up while filling the tank. It was cool and damp along most of the Oregon coast, so much so that I didn’t make many stops along the way, just wanted to get to a warmer climate again. It started to warm up by the time I got to Dunes.

Dunes Oregon is quite the place. Miles and miles of sand. The locals have taken full advantage of the natural sandbox by promoting and encouraging Dirt Bike and ATV enthusiasts to come there for vacation to play in the rolling dunes. Looks like a lot of fun, in fact we have several friends that travel here each year to recreate with their motorized toys. With campsite galore, the playground is well set up for Tourists. Lots of repair and rental shops for bikes/atvs. While travelling through on the highway, you can see the sand dunes directly behind the first block of business’s, the dunes are taller then the trees along the road, beautiful sand everywhere. I stopped at a few pullout vistas to take in the region. Note to myself, I would enjoy spending some time here one day!

I rolled on through the Dunes and down the coast with California pulling at me like a magnet. On my last motorcycle trip, 35 years previous, when I came north up the coast, I had enjoyed a small town on the northern end of California called Crescent City. It is a coastal town, just north of the Red Wood Forest area. I can still recall the stack of pancakes that I ate there one morning so long ago. I was travelling by myself and had slept somewhere south of town that night, camped along side the highway somewhere. I was cold and hungry when I walked into the little breakfast joint, but between the hot coffee and the large stack of pancakes I was feeling much better when I left. The Waitress was nice too. Crescent City seemed much bigger than I recalled in my memory. Although it didn’t appear to be a newer town, in fact it seemed rather old and run down, except the section along the bay where big resort hotels had set themselves up. I stopped at a Vons store and bought some nice cheese and a bottle of California Cabernet Sauvignon from the Napa region, to enjoy later, ..for the record it was delicious!

I pulled back onto the highway with intentions of staying in either Gold Beach or Eureka for the night. I had met some fellow bikers at Fred Meyers gas station this morning, they were going the same general direction, we kept bumping into each other all day as we proceeded south along the coast. They had planned on staying at Gold Beach which seemed like a nice town, but very touristy. I just stopped for gas and kept riding.

I had not booked a hotel room for this night as I wasn’t sure where I would want to stop for the evening. I had also thought about camping some, but somehow this didn’t seem very inviting after spending a full day on the bike. It just so happened that a Best Western appeared along my route in Eureka and given my previous experiences, I pulled in to check for a room. They had a vacancy in central courtyard, a room that I could pull my bike right up to for unloading. It was a cozy little room, well adorned and the Hotel staff were most helpful. There were several other bikers staying here, we had the whole north side of the hotel it appeared, our bikes all lined up in front of our rooms. An older couple were in the room beside me, riding Can Am trikes, we chatted a bit, they were from Alberta and were really enjoying their bikes. They had done the California coast on bikes before and were really looking forward to cruising it now on these three wheelers. Nice folks.

After freshening up, I went over to the hotel lobby and asked for a restaurant recommendation again. Well it just so happens that at the Humboldt Bay Inn, they offer a limo service to guests. Selina is the chauffeur, and she really knows all the great places for eating or entertainment. She told me she would be leaving in 5 minutes so be ready, the limo was full but she invited me to sit in the front with her. She gave me a history lesson while enroute to what she declared to be the Best Seafood restaurant in Eureka. It was a small restaurant, but very busy too, they were able to accommodate me at the oyster bar as I was by myself. I love good seafood and this place did not disappoint me. I really enjoyed my fine dinner and drinks, and good conversations with the bartender and a couple other patrons, ..a nice evening. When I was ready to go the bartender called Selina for my return ride to the hotel. Selina again invited me to sit up front so she could continue with my history lesson. I have found that living in Canada, we do not have as much history as a lot of other countries, Canada is relatively young. In comparison, this little restaurant was quite old, I would guesstimate that it was well over a hundred years old. The buildings and architecture reflect the history, the people were friendly and inviting, the food was fantastic. I like Eureka and Humboldt County.

There were a few fellow riders chatting in the parking lot so I joined them for a few minutes, but feeling exhausted, ..I retired to my room, and was soon sound asleep.

End of day three.

ARRIVED EUREKA, CA:     7:00 pm, 10 hours and forty minutes on the road this day.
MILEAGE:     6704 kms, 728kms for the day
FUEL FOR THE DAY:     11.6 gallons US
MILEAGE TO DATE:     1804 kms


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