Revelstoke To Santa Barbara – Day 2

I slept like a log in the luxurious king-size bed, morning found me laying intertwined with six large fluffy pillows, …I tore myself away from this comfort and proceeded to get ready for another long day on the road. As previously arranged, Logan met me at the Hotel Restaurant for breakfast. We chatted and caught up while enjoying a great meal. We didn’t really have a lot of time as I needed to get over to the Black Ball Ferry Terminal two hours before sailing to clear through the US Customs. The Ferry is called the Coho, it has been sailing daily from Victoria over to Port Angeles Washington since the 60’s. Two trips back and forth daily. Customs went smooth, except that I had purchased some McIntosh Apples from the Okanagan, which needed to be disposed of before entering Washington. So I ate one and gave three more to some fellow travelers. The Ferry trip across was very nice, the water in the Haro Strait was glass calm, the sun was brilliant, …makings of an excellent day.
DAY TWO:     September 17th.
DEPART TIME:     08:30 am at the Ferry Terminal, two hour sailing time to Port Angeles
DEPART MILEAGE:     5580 kms
DESTINATION:     Astoria Oregon
WEATHER:     Brilliant Sunshine, not a cloud in the sky
FUEL STOPS:     Shell in Port Angeles 2.032 gallons, and then at Aberdeen WA, 3.13 gallons

As I said, the US Customs was a breeze, the Customs officer came over and checked off the Motorcyclists first which was excellent as there were two tour buses full of tourists to get cleared through. There were only three other motorcycle travelers on board this morning including a couple from Alberta riding their BMW GS650 and GS800. They were going down the inside coast from Port Angeles to Tacoma, where as I would be following the West coast the entire trip. I had to check in at another Customs point upon disembarking the Coho Ferry in Port Angeles, …a basic question and answer session which took no more than two minutes. I stopped for gas before leaving Port Angeles.

I headed West towards the Coast, shortly out of town the road became twisty and narrow with limited or no shoulders. The asphalt was new, but it was particularly coarse, I believe that they call it OGFC, “open graded friction course”, which is supposed to provide excellent friction when wet, …perhaps it rains there a lot in the Pacific North West, lol. This coarse road surface has a rougher ride and is quite noisy on a bike. This route does not get you over to the actual coast until you are about halfway down through the State of Washington, and even then only briefly for a teaser. For the most part the road was quite boring with limited scenic vistas, the forests were largely logged out with quite a bit of old derelict logging equipment and several abandoned mills along the route.

I stopped for gas in Aberdeen, which was an interesting city, all sprawled out for miles along the highway. An older town that seemed as though it could use an economy booster, the infrastructure appeared worn and used up, just like the shitty road surface. I bought gas here at an old and dirty station, then continued South along #101, I was wanting and waiting to ride along the coast to enjoy the ocean air and views. I wasn’t overly impressed with my trip down through this section of Washington and would probably not bother going this way again. However the Interstate #5 isn’t that appealing either.

I was 5pm when I turned onto the mega long bridge that connects Washington to Astoria, Oregon. This was to be my evening stop as I had pre-booked another Best Western Hotel room here on Aeroplan Miles. The hotel was easy to find and right along my route. I checked in a had a shower to freshen up before going to check out the town. I stopped at the front desk and asked for a recommendation for a good restaurant, the gal highly recommended the Silver Salmon in the old downtown area. Astoria is an older Port Town with several ships in the harbor and lots of fishing boats around. I enjoy towns like this so I went for a tour of the dock areas, checking out some boats and such. My tour brought me into the old downtown area and before long I had driven past the Silver Salmon, so I circled around at the end of the street and parked right in front of the restaurant. The whole downtown area was old, including the Silver Salmon restaurant, definitely some history here.

I would highly recommend the Silver Salmon for great seafood. I believe it was the absolute best Clam Chowder, Boston cream style, that I have ever eaten. The fresh sourdough bread was excellent, my salmon entrées was incredible. If you ever find yourself in Astoria, you have to check this place out, fantastic food and atmosphere!!

After dinner I returned to my hotel room and promptly retired for the night, I had a full belly and was tired.

ARRIVED:     Astoria 5:30 pm, on the road since noon after departing the ferry
MILEAGE:     5976 kms, 396 kms today, not counting the ferry to Port Angeles
FUEL PURCHASED:      5.43 gallons
TRIP MILES TO DATE:     1076 kms


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