Boulder Mountain on my Husky Timbersled LT Snow Bike


I got a late start as I had to finish a track install at the shop before hitting the hills, got to the parking lot around 11:45. I missed the group and was going to have to catch up and find them on the Mountain. The trail was groomed and table top smooth. About 4 km’s up I caught up with a one year old Moose, he was travelling the same direction as me and was reluctant to get off the trail, instead he just kept loping along in front of me. I stayed well back and stopped occasionally, but each time I stopped, he stopped; it was a no win situation and definitely slower than I wanted to go. Finally he choose to take a side trail, enabling me to get back up to trail speed, I bet the was tired as he going uphill for a couple of kilometers, ..I know I would have been!

I broke out of the valley inversion around the junction of the Kirkup and Bezanson trails, by the time I was at the cabin it was nothing but blue skies and brilliant sunshine. I made time to try to catch up to the group, headed back past the fuel drop and on to the Lakes. No sign of them anywhere so I started playing my way along the route through the trees and deeper snow. We have received a lot of snow of late, the levels are back to normal finally, however, there has been no fresh in several days and the sled traffic had the corridor packed and main areas somewhat used up. Lots of great powder playing back in the trees as always!

I am starting to get comfortable on the Snow Bike now, third ride so far. I had changed out the fork oil and done some jetting changes. The bike was performing very well, with good power in the elevation and starting much better. The snow was ideal for Braaaping around in the trees and drainages. I skirted the Lakes area, trying to keep an eye out for the group while enjoying some of our favourite hidden areas. Popped out of the trees by the Messy Chute, crossed the Lake and up through a treed drainage to the upper ridge. I rode the fringes of the ridge along back to just before Turbo Hill, at which point I dropped down through one of my favourite tree runs down to the Hell Hole, wickedly good playing through there. By the time I worked my way back up to the Turbo bowl; the Husky sputtered and ran out of gas. I was on the level and had an easy time of refilling the tank and getting going again. I was anticipating running out soon, but was surprised I had made it as far as I had; the jetting change was noticeable in both power and less fuel consumption.

I rode around to the back side of Turbo Hill and starting working at the steep uphill run to the top. I was rejected the first three times, on the 3rd I dug it in about 10’ short of the top of this steep face that was in my path. While dropping down from the last rejection, I saw a good line and made it over in good fashion on my fourth attempt. Using primarily third gear for a combination of speed and power, the Husky really lugs down good with amazing torque, enabling me to keep going until I was able to make a downshift. From this steep face it was an easy run to the top of Turbo. I ate my lunch up top while enjoying the fantastic vista. You could see forever up there with all the brilliant sunshine. Took some pictures and off again to try to find the group, who were eluding me so far.

Down the hill and back around Turbo, I started working my back along the ridge, holding a high line so I may get a glimpse of them, while working the fringes of trees and powder. With no sign of them I went back to the fuel drop and climbed out of the Superbowl, dropped down into the south drainage and worked my way through the trees again into Private Meadows. Great snow and playing back there, I eventually pulled up at the Telus Tower and enjoyed a cup of hot coffee, so refreshing when up in the alpine and playing hard! Took some more pictures and even a couple of “Selfies” ha, ha with my cell phone, sending them off to Janey.

From there I started working my way down, exploring a new route that would take me along the ridge above Shady Lane, all tree riding in the powder. I explored some new zones, dropping into a couple of drainages, finding a new route that I had never explored before. I was back at the Cabin before long, after some more hot coffee at the cabin I headed down through the trees as much as possible, taking some short cuts eventually popping back onto the groomed trail. Back at the truck by 16:30, the Husky ran out of gas again directly behind the trailer. I filled it up again from the 3.3 gallon spare tank, making note that I may have to carry more gas for a “long” days ride. However, the fuel economy was considerably better than before the jet changes. I was surprised to have ridden as hard as I did and made it as far as I had on two 1.9 gallon gas tanks, a total of 3.8 gallons US, ..not bad!!

Of course as fate would have it, shortly after I ate my lunch on top of Turbo Hill, the group had climbed up there to take in the views. We missed each other somewhere along the way. Oh well, ..they had enjoyed a good day and I got to take in some playing on my Husky in the great powder which really made me more comfortable on the bike, giving me some good confidence in its abilities. A great day!!


Cheers! Cpt. Ron


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